L219 (2012-2015)

L219 is an installation of light, film, sound, objects and movement encompassing 9 artists experimenting with the adjacent-spillover of their materially-oriented making processes. This durational and improvised work treads a boundary between light and dark, inside and outside, the reified and the everyday.

Lanchester Gallery, Coventry
24 August 2012
Lighting Design - Cath Cullinane
Movement - Natalie Garrett & Amy Voris
Photography - Christian Kipp
Jewellry Maker - Zoe Robertson
Sound - Darren Pickles & Nicholas Peters / James Buchanan
Film - Stephen Snell & Steven Chamberlain
2013 Lanchester Gallery, Dance and Somatic Practices Conference, Coventry 2012 Lanchester Gallery, Coventry Siobhan Davies Studios, London
Created with support from:
Lanchester Gallery, Coventry
Stranger Than Fiction, London